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Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Automotive Enthusiast

Men can be difficult to shop for. Rather than getting your Dad something this Father’s Day that will collect dust in the back of his closet, get him something he will use and enjoy for years to come. Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas for the auto enthusiast.

?10) Vehicle Detailing

Fatherhood is a messy job. You’ll be hard pressed to find any parent whose vehicle couldn’t use a good once over to clean up crumbs and remedy sticky surfaces. A thorough detailing is a great gift idea for Dad that won’t cost too much and will make him feel like a king.

dust gun blowing in vent of car

?9) Exotic Car Experience

Few people can say that they have been fortunate enough to experience a Ferrari or Lamborghini on a racing circuit, but there are many ?local companies that can turn that dream into a reality. Just google exotic car experience to find one.

exotic car on road

?8) Subtle Suit Accessories

If your old man is the kind of guy who wears a crisp suit rather than neon NASCAR t-shirts or tacky ties, how about keeping it classy with a tie clip or cool cufflinks. offers a selection of auto-inspired options including shift gates, speedometer and tachometers that add some character without going over the top.

auto cufflinks

7) Socks

The cliché pair of boring old socks may be the traditional default Father’s Day gift that immediately go into the drawer never to be seen or worn again, but buy your Dad a set of automotive themed socks like ones with ‘Gas’ and ‘Clutch’ on them and he’ll wish he had a pair for every day of the week.

6) Money Clip

Rather than carrying around a bulky leather wallet that will stretch his pant pockets and harm his posture, how about buying your Father a carbon fibre automotive-inspired money clip to hold onto what little money he has left after having children.

5) Automotive Art

From Frank Bullitt and Dom Torreto to Michael Knight, James Bond and even Randall “Memphis” Raines, features creatively designed and crafted metal signs that will appeal to any automotive enthusiast.?Type in “cars” or other auto-related themes on their site to get the coolest automotive designs.

Car Painting for a Father's Day Gift idea

4) Racecar Office Chair

You can rationalize that with the long hours spent at his desk, your father’s health and posture will be improved with an ergonomic and supporting chair in his office or den. But in reality, having a racecar seat office chair is just pretty much the coolest office accessory you can have.

3) Model Cars

No matter how old he gets, every man is still a little boy at heart. You may not be able to buy him the car of his dreams in full scale, but you can likely afford a miniature model version that he can enjoy until his lottery numbers come in.

Model Cars

2) Key Chain

You could go the traditional route and buy a key chain with the logo of the vehicle your Dad drives, or get creative with pistons, tow straps, spark plugs and turbos.

Car key chain for a Father's Day gift idea

1) Classic Car Movies

The best gift you can give to the man who raised you is something that allows you to spend time you can enjoy together. Films like Le Mans, Grand Prix, Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds or Vanishing Point feature cars as the stars.

dad with kids watching tv

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