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2010 Acura Truck MDX V6-3.7L Page 624

11. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then wait at least 3 minutes.

12. Disconnect SRS unit connector B (39P) from the SRS unit.

13. Measure the resistance between body ground and SRS unit connector B (39P) terminal No23. There should be less than 1.0 Ohms.

Is the resistance as specified?


Faulty driver's seat position sensor or SRS unit; replace the driver's seat position sensor See: Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Systems/Seat

Position Sensor/Service and Repair, then clear the DTC. If the problem is still present, replace the SRS unit See: Relays and Modules/Relays and

Modules - Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Control Module/Service and Repair/SRS Unit Replacement.?

NO -

Open in the floor wire harness or the driver's seat wire harness; check for a poor ground at G602. if the ground is OK, replace the faulty harness,

then clear the DTC.?


SRS DTC Troubleshooting: 71-2x

DTC 71-2x ("x" can be 0 thru 9 or A thru F):

Short in the Driver's Seat Position Sensor


- Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, review SRS Precautions and Procedures See: Body and Frame/Air Bag(s) Arming and

Disarming/Service and Repair, General Troubleshooting Information See: Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Systems/Testing and

Inspection/Reading and Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and Battery Terminal Disconnection and Reconnection See: Starting and

Charging/Battery/Service and Repair/Procedures.

- Before replacing the SRS unit, check the SRS unit software version with the HDS. If the software version is not the latest, update the SRS

unit software See: Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Systems/Testing and Inspection/Programming and Relearning/SRS Unit Update,

and retest.

1. Clear the DTCs with the HDS.

2. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II), then wait for 10 seconds.

3. Check for DTCs with the HDS.

Is DTC 71-2x indicated?

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