Friday, February 7, 2020

2010 Acura Truck MDX V6-3.7L Page 550

Is there continuity?


Faulty SRS unit or poor connection at SRS unit connector A (39P) and the SRS unit. Check the connection between the connector and the SRS

unit. If the connection is OK, replace the SRS unit See: Relays and Modules/Relays and Modules - Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Control

Module/Service and Repair/SRS Unit Replacement.?

NO -

Open in the right engine compartment wire harness or the dashboard wire harness; replace the faulty harness, then clear the DTC.?


SRS DTC Troubleshooting: 56-21, 56-31, 56-22, 56-53, 56-32, 56-33

DTC 56-21, 56-31:

Lost Communication With the PCM (PGM-FI system)

DTC 56-22, 56-23, 56-32, 56-33:

Undefined Data Received From the PCM (PGM-FI system)


- Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, review SRS Precautions and Procedures See: Body and Frame/Air Bag(s) Arming and

Disarming/Service and Repair, General Troubleshooting Information See: Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Systems/Testing and

Inspection/Reading and Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and Battery Terminal Disconnection and Reconnection See: Starting and

Charging/Battery/Service and Repair/Procedures.

- Before replacing the SRS unit, check the SRS unit software version with the HDS. If the software version is not the latest, update the SRS

unit software See: Restraints and Safety Systems/Air Bag Systems/Testing and Inspection/Programming and Relearning/SRS Unit Update,

and retest.

1. Check for any F-CAN and B-CAN communication DTCs with the HDS.

Are there any communication DTCs?


Go to the appropriate DTC troubleshooting.?

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