Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Best Porsche 911 In Today’s Lineup Will Return For The 992 Generation

And when we say 'best,' we mean the purist 911 for the money.

Porsche has become an expert in finding, developing, and ultimately building sought-after 911 variants. From the base 911 Carrera to the hardcore 911 GT2 RS, there’s literally a 911 for every budget north of the $90,000 entry price. We’re only a couple of months away from the official reveal of the next-generation 911, the 992, but Porsche is keeping its details a secret for now despite numerous spy shots and videos showing nearly camo-less 911 992s. But will Porsche continue with all of the outgoing 991’s trims or create new ones?

According to Road and Track, at least one recently launched 911 variant will return, the purist-focused 911 T. The publication spoke with 911 chief engineer August Achletiner at Porsche’ Rennsport Reunion last month and specifically asked him whether the 911 T will return.

“Absolutely,” he said. "In the last half-year, I almost only drove a Carrera T [with a] manual and I love this car," Achletiner added. "It's just pure. The only option I have beside the navigation system is a sunroof. Wonderful.” The Porsche 911 T still isn’t exactly cheap, beginning at around $100,000, but it is still a fair amount less than the GTS and GT3 Touring, for example. With its classic 911 styling, shorter gear ratios, and a more driver-focused chassis configuration, the 911 T quickly became a sales success, and it makes complete sense for Porsche to make this trim a permanent part of the future lineup. Another good sign for 911 purists is the fact that Achletiner is personally a huge fan of manual transmissions.

He told Road and Track that despite the PDK gearbox offering superior shift times, manuals are simply more fun. "I think the PDK from a technical point of view is a better solution, but it's just fun to operate the manual," he said. As long as Achletiner is running the show, it seems like the manual gearbox is safe in future 911s, despite the superiority the PDK offers. So, when exactly will the 992 generation 911 make its debut appearance? Soon, perhaps at the LA Auto Show late next month.

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