Friday, May 31, 2019

Porsche Mission E Will Destroy The Tesla Model S At The Track

The Tesla may dominate at the drag strip, but the Porsche will own lap times.

As development continues on the upcoming production version of the all-electric Porsche Mission E concept, we know this so far: there are separate motors for the front and rear axles, and there’ll be a combined output of over 600 hp, 0-60 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds and the sprint to 124 mph will be in under 12 seconds. Do a quick comparison and you’ll see the Tesla Model S is faster in a straight line, meaning a drag race. On track, however, it’s a different story.

Car and Driver spoke with Joachim Kramer, Porsche’s director of power electronic for the Mission E, who not only confirmed the Mission E is being developed for optimal track day performance, but also that “The quick-charge cooling demand on the system is not higher than the demand when we go on a racetrack. That’s our development goal: to perform on the Nurburgring and other racetracks.” This will specifically be made possible thanks in part to a single liquid-cooling system designed regulate control and regulate temperatures. For example, the battery itself will not exceed 185 degrees Fahrenheit, but the motor itself will work just fine at far higher temperatures.

Even the air-conditioning compressor plays a part in regulating and cooling the systems during fast driving and even fast charging. In other words, Porsche understands that waiting several minutes for the battery to cool off in between track runs won’t be acceptable for many buyers. What’s the point of a track day if one is constantly being interrupted by their EV’s battery needing some cool off time? Porsche has clearly done its homework and this technological advancement will serve it well especially once its Formula E racing team gets into action next year.

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