Saturday, May 25, 2019

Porsche Mission E Driven By Mark Webber Because He's Mark Webber

Life's good when you're a former F1 and Porsche driver.

Guys like Mark Webber don’t have to work hard to have exciting car related opportunities. Webber, for those who don’t recall, bolted Formula 1 back in 2013 for a racing career that just ended with Porsche. The latter saw him serving as one of Porsche’s drivers for the 919 Hybrid in the 2014-2016 World Endurance Championships. Today he works as a Porsche brand representative, which is a pretty awesome gig by anyone’s standards.

One of the many perks is the opportunity to drive Porsche’s very best, including models that haven’t even been revealed, such as the Mission E. Webber’s day job, as shown in this latest Porsche video, has some very, very serious tasks, like getting behind the wheel of an advanced prototype of the all-electric sedan at Porsche’s test track in Weissach.

Combined with his 919 motorsport driving experiences and his racing career in general, Webber’s opinions on what Porsche has done here matter. They definitely listen to the guy and take seriously and often apply any suggestions he may have. As for the Mission E, well, we don’t even know what its official production name will be. What we do know, and which Webber confirms, is that it’ll make at least 600 hp. While there’s no such thing as the “Mark Webber Test,” his seal of approval and input, especially for something as radical as Porsche’s first EV, are certainly good to have. The Porsche Mission E (name change to come) is set to happen next year.

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