Thursday, May 30, 2019

Porsche Macans Dressed Up To Look Like Race Cars In Singapore

Porsche always finds time to celebrate its motorsport icons.

Porsche loves to celebrate its motorsport past, and rightly so. Over the course of 60 years the German automaker has experienced tremendous success on the track, and the technology that helped make that happen typically finds its way to production cars. As part of continuing that celebration, Porsche has taken five Macan SUVs and given each one of them a historic racing livery. They were then sent through the streets of Singapore to show off.

First up is the Martini liveried Macan. It’s immediately recognizable with its blue-red-silver Martini Racing colors. The Porsche-Martini partnership dates back to 1970 with the 917, which took part in, among other races, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Porsche sent this Macan to Holland Village, Singapore. Next up is the Rothmans livery Macan, a paint scheme first shown at the 1982 24 Hours of Le Mans with a Porsche 956. The 956 also set a Nurburgring race record time of 6:11.13. This Macan was photographed at Armenian Street. The Pink Pig Macan you see here is in Singapore’s Chinatown district and, yes, it’s pink. At Le Mans in 1971, the 917/20, a one-off experimental car, took part and literally stole the show.

The 917/20 was unique because of its wide body and exceptionally rounded wheel cutouts. Pink was decided upon because why not. Even the 917/20’s body parts were labeled according to butcher-style cuts. Next up is the Salzburg design Macan, showcased in Ann Siang Hill. Its red paint symbolizes the 917 KH, the first Porsche to secure the first of 19 Le Mans victories. This iconic Porsche red debuted 45 years ago when Porsche secured its first Le Mans win. Lastly is the iconic and instantly recognizable Gulf livery. Photographed in Haji Lane, the light blue and orange color scheme has adorned Porsche race cars since 1970. A Gulf liveried 917 was also the star car in Steve McQueen’s epic racing movie, “Le Mans,” released in 1971.

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